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View from Gandine on Lake Iseo and Monte Isola

Experience Monte Isola Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Natural Cosmetics with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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About us

The Gandine

In the hamlet of Peschiera Maraglio, in the heart of Monte Isola lake island, lies a place of quiet and timeless beauty: the 'Gandine'.

This place is characterized by its 120 olive trees arranged on the various terraces, and by its enchanting view on the southern shore of Lake Iseo.

'Le Gandine' Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thanks to the unique microclimate of the lake island of Monte Isola, the olive trees of the Gandine (and of other places on the island) produce high quality olives. From these is extracted a superior category extra virgin olive oil with a unique flavor. From 2018, the farm 'Sambusida Samuele', specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil in the municipality of Monte Isola, continues to hand down this tradition of taste and quality. From here comes an exclusive extra virgin olive oil.

Natural Cosmetics

‘Le Gandine’ skin care products are natural, with nourishing properties of Gandine olive oil, and thermal water. Our body creams, face creams and hair & body wash are exclusive and top quality products for your wellbeing and beauty. Try them and feel the difference on your body.

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Azienda Agricola Sambusida Samuele

Località Olzano 6, Monte Isola (BS), Lombardia, Italy

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Tel (+39) 3473834414

Tel (+39) 3931107011

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